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Hi, welcome to my website! I'm Dr. Jill Trager and I appreciate your willingness to consider me as a potential provider for your mental health services. I realize that choosing a therapist with whom to pursue counseling is a very personal and important decision. I also realize that, if you're searching for such services at this time, you've likely come to a crossroads in your life where you're feeling stuck, confused or conflicted about where to go from here.


Understandably, it takes a great deal of wisdom to recognize when we need assistance in achieving our goals and even more courage to take the steps necessary to get that assistance. Clearly, you have both...and are starting off on the right path.


Should you choose me as the provider who will walk you through this process, I will be both dedicated to the success of your treatment and honored by the opportunity to serve you and/or your family in this way. To learn more about me, as well as the nature and types of services I provide, please browse through this site. Take care and best wishes for you along this journey....


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